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100% Efficient Working Models

We have carefully chosen three working models that will help our client partners achieve the desired results by collaborating with our team. 

Every QA and Testing team are most productive when they understand standard and operational practices globally


Any Time Testing as a Service


Quality Assurance Manager as a Service


Quality Assurance Team as a Service


Anytime Testing as a Service is our hybrid on-demand working model. A small group of focused team (usually 2-5) is allocated to do testing and QA audits to analyze the current strength and weaknesses of ongoing testing activities. Our team is integrated to do parallel testing activities during release cycles to understand opportunities of improvement and achieve maximum test case coverage. Audits are performed on test design, test documents, test cases, automation suites, UI/UX and end user activities.


* Available On-demand and Short-notice
* Provision for short arrangements (Weekly, Monthly)
* Flexible work arrangements based on priority and scope
* Availability of team during client working hours
* Dedicated infrastructure and team for the period


Quality Assurance Manager as a Service is one of our premium service offering. Our management team is available to oversee, own and deliver quality with speed through innovative test design. During the engagement we support by leading the initiatives and provide strategic and tactical direction to the development and testing team.



* Available On-demand and Short-notice
* Available during client working hours
* Strong and efficient agile practices
 *On-site availability


Quality Assurance Team as a Service is our core business model. Our team is ready and available to integrate with your business requirements during any time of software test cycle. The team consists of qualified professionals who can efficiently work with you by filling out the gaps in 

* Identifying priorities, perform functional and non-functional testing, automation using open source / third party licensed tools.

* Segregation of priority and coverage-based artifacts for regression and daily execution.

* Assist your team achieve 100% coverage on all key business cases.

Contract Models

Fixed price model

TIme and material model

Dedicated team model

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