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Offering a wide variety of manual & automated testing services

Our Leadership Team

Quality with speed, Speed to market & Enhance end-user experiences are our primary objectives. Our expert team keeps the operations agile

Director, Nxtlive, Software Testing, Software Quality Assurance

Binoy Suvarnadas

Principal Consultant & Scrum Master - Quality Assurance / Agile Practices 

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Director, Nxtlive, Software Quality Assurance

Jeny Thomas

Head - HR & Admin

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Director, Nxtlive, Software Testing, Software Quality Assurance

Arun S Kumar

 Head - QA Automation / CI / Agile Delivery

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Why we are the best testing and quality assurance solutions provider

Our success factor is our management team with business understanding overseeing and collaborating with client teams to deliver engineering requirements and achieve end-user satisfaction. Our team has 12+ years of experience working with small, medium and large enterprises. Our impressive track record of delivering quality services comes as part of constant update on the best industry practices.

We have proven competence and practical experience to manage end-to-end software testing, quality assurance and audit services. The team constantly review best test design practices, automation tools and manual testing approaches. By adopting right testing and QA Strategies, we ensure 100% coverage on manual and automation testing. As your team focuses on prime business objectives, we integrate as add-on support to complete the bigger goal.

Our Experience

  • 12+ years of experience in manual and automation testing

  • 12+ years of experience in agile practices

  • 12+ years of experience in development and project management

  • 12+ years of experience working with small, medium and large enterprises

  • 18+ clients from different geographies

  • 50+ project assignments including mobile applications, web applications, desktop applications, API’s

Our team is available to join at any stage of development


Why we are the best testing and quality assurance solutions provider

We are a private limited company incorporated under ministry of corporate affairs and recognized under department of industry policy and promotion. We are housed at Technopark, one of India’s largest technology park and managed by industry professionals from India and North America.


Location & Time zones are no more a worrying sign

We overcome location and time zone constraints through multiple work arrangements. Our teams are available on overlapping hours and shift rotations. This work arrangement has already shown good results for our clients improving manual and automation test coverages consistently. 
Being in Technopark has given 100% operational success to our daily activities. 99% internet connectivity and power supply, efficient resources with high English proficiency have all contributed to the success of our delivery.

No more communication - cultural gap

Led by technology experts and managed professionals, we follow the best communication strategies practiced by enterprise companies. Backed by strong agile practices, we promote open communication. For us, failure is an opportunity to identify the real threats. Our team culture enables proper and direct conversation that enables mutual understanding and positive team collaboration. We use a combination of daily stand-up meetings and tools like Jira, Trello, Slack, Skype, Whatsapp and Email for ensuring 100% communication and maximum availability.

  • Management and execution quality like US / Europe market

  • Certified management team with hands-on skills 

  • High English proficiency and faster integrations

  • Diverse skill sets with domain and business knowledge

  • Control over daily assignments and delivery

  • Strong foundation in agile, information security and data protection rules

  • Focus on project scope, performance and end user experiences

  • Committed post production support

  • Familiarity and adaptability to work on latest tools and latest practices

  • Reduced test cycles, expert solutions for primitive and repetitive actions

  • Expertise in leading functional, non-functional, manual, automated, test data, test environment settings

  • Offer constant quality, obtain relevant industry certification as per requirement, professional communication, quick response and 100% compliance with contractual agreements.



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